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0903 - "For This I Am So Thankful".  Fancy announcers and adverts sounds like a recording of an old offshore station. Time check indicates it is obviously is a recording.
0905 - BeeGees song. SINPO 44444 on an SDR in the UK.
0908 - Time check as "17 and a half minutes after 4 o'clock." Advert for London Academy of Modeling, telephone number Grovenor 451. (Yes, this is quite old.)

Less fading on an SDR in southern Germany as opposed to UK.

0912 - North American accented announcer with mentions of "the ship". Into an advert for cigarettes.
0921 - "Caroline News" report.
0932 - playing a song and I heard lots of crackling and noise and then.....TX off the air.

Huh? / Re: GAME: [A-Z] 8 Letter Words
« on: December 06, 2019, 2100 UTC »


Huh? / Re: Red-shouldered hawk inspecting my loop
« on: December 06, 2019, 2056 UTC »
Also he might enhance signals somehow. It could happen.

I'm told on high authority that bird shit contains lots of electrically-conductive materials, so, yeah...

ID at 2132 UTC with email address and into Beatles song. SINPO 22222 on an SDR in Germany.
2134 - Here Comes The Sun
2137 - "This is a test transmission from Radio Parade International", into Let It Be.
2143 - Hey Jude.
2150 - TX off immediately after Hey Jude.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Kiwi SDR Map Question
« on: December 04, 2019, 2115 UTC »
One thing that has bugged me is that the map on SDR.hu (https://sdr.hu/map) does not, for some reason, show all available kiwiSDRs.

This backup map shows more, and is perhaps more comprehensive: http://rx.linkfanel.net/

I can't understand why the main website would not show all available SDRs. Does anyone know why? Is it a question of whose software is in use at each node in the network and the map on SDR.hu only shows SDRs with certain software?

One of the reasons I used the kiwiSDR SNR map ( http://sibamanna.duckdns.org/sdr_map.html - off line for many weeks now) was the rich list of seemingly many more SDRs than on the SDR.hu map, plus the very useful SNR info.

Weak, to the point of being almost non-existent on an SDR in Austria at 2030 UTC.

Propagation / Re: Propagation
« on: December 04, 2019, 2036 UTC »
Solar activity remains very low. At the bottom of the sunspot cycle,
any sunspot activity is fleeting. Again, another week passes with no
sunspots at all. Spaceweather.com reports no sunspots for the past
two weeks, and the total number of spotless days this year is now
213 days, or 73%, matching the percentage of spotless days in 2008.

(Visualizing a film crew in the bush, hoping to get footage of a rare animal)

(Narrator's voice) "We are searching for the rare spotted sun. There were sightings months ago but none in this area recently..."


Equipment / Re: SMA adapter
« on: December 04, 2019, 2021 UTC »
Looking for the best choice to adapt an SMA female to a male 3.5mm jack. Basically so that I can hook up the MLA-30 to a portable radio such as the Tecsun 660. I have seen some videos using up to three adapters, but I would like to use as few connections as possible. Your thoughts? Thanks

"Regular" SMA connectors are mechanically compatible with 3.5 mm connectors. For that matter, they are mechanically compatible with 2.92 mm connectors as well. The only thing that you have to beware of is plugging a SMA male into a 3.5 mm or  2.92 mm female, where the "girth" (...ahem...) of the male plug may splay out the receptacle of the female (...ahem...). This does not appear to be what you are doing though so go for it.

If you don't believe me:

(Scroll down to "Connector Adaptability".)

Some of the most used microwave connectors can adapt to different connectors. There are electrical and mechanical issues to those interfaces, but they can be done in a pinch. SMA, APC3.5 mm and 2.92 mm or K connectors can all be adapted to each other. 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm are also adaptable. The issues are the tolerance on the dimension and alignment of the pins. The lower quality SMA can damage the 3.5mm or 2.92mm connectors and should be gauged prior to using them. SMA center pin and socket has a gauge dimension tolerance of +/-0.01 and APC3.5 mm has +/-0.003. SMA connectors that are out of tolerance can damage the 3.5 mm precision connector or 2.92 mm that SMA can both adapt to.

Usual programming. SINPO 44334 on an SDR in Austria at 1950 UTC.
ID at 1955 UTC.

General Radio Discussion / Re: FCC approves all digital AM
« on: December 03, 2019, 1935 UTC »
Its not usually that simple.  Any digital mode requires a reasonably flat group delay response across the occupied bandwidth.  older AM directional systems often had very poor bandwidth and need a complete overhaul to pass the digital signals of ANY type.

Can they implement equalization or "pre-distortion" to mitigate any of this? Probably wouldn't fix all cases but perhaps some?

ID and Translation Requests / Re: 4020kHz music station, pirate?
« on: December 02, 2019, 2338 UTC »
Are you sure it was 4020 KHz and not 4055 KHz (Radio Verdad from Guatemala)?

(In case anyone cares, the 5G that Verizon is rolling out in test cities in the U.S. ... with a much lower bandwidth than the full-blown 26/28 GHz version to come later.)

Correcting myself - this appears to be old information. Verizon says that their initial implementation will be on 28 and 39 GHz, with fill-in at sub-6 GHz frequencies.


Most industry people think that 5G will only be fielded to urban areas where the density of the population can make the investment worthwhile.  Suburban and rural locations will likely only get 4G coverage.  5G will be primarily for the cities.  Even the CEOs of wireless providers have implied this.

Yes. I would not worry about full-blown 1 GBPS 5G coming to East Jesus, Arkansas anytime soon.

Keep in mind that the 5G spec includes multiple frequency bands and many data rates.   Not all 5G systems are equal.  Some 5G implementations are much less breathtaking than others. 

Yes, for example, in China, they want to use 26 GHz, whereas in North America, 28 GHz has been favored, though I'm hearing things that 26 GHz might get used and European authorties are freeing up 26 GHz for this as well. I have lost track of where this is going recently though. Also, Chinese implementations will be TDMA - or at least time-divisioned anyway, North American will not. (Chinese implementation of LTE is TDMA so there's a precedent.)

In any case, it will be a hodgepodge of choices depending upon where and what point in time you refer to.

ID at 2028 UTC: "Slow down. relax, chill out, with Harmony".
Three time pips for the top of the hour at 2100 UTC on top of the music.

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