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Mostly typical Dutch pirate schlager music (accordion, chants, etc.) with talk-over in Dutch. Occasional periods of over-modulation noticeable with speech.
Actual carrier frequency is 1637.8 KHz.
ID at 1932 UTC. Acknowledged listeners in Spain and the UK.
SINPO 53445, S9+10 on an SDR in Norway.

No, it is still UNID....as I can't make out the Dutch ID

It was a joke, hence the emoticons...

UNID with IDs at 1828 to 1829

But then it's not UNID, is it then?  ;) :D

SINPO 34333 on an SDR in Denmark.

Weak and noisy on SDR in Denmark. SINPO 34232. Actual frequency is 6281.4 KHz.
0910 - Electric Light Orchestra, Don't Bring Me Down.
0915 - Announcement (but I missed it) into U2, Sunday, Bloody Sunday.
0930 - Listening conditions are noisy and not fun. I'm going to go do something else....

edit by Ray : clear ID at 0915 (thanks to recording by Achim),
so UNID changed to Flashback Music radio

SINPO 33333 on an SDR in Denmark at 0822 UTC. Female vocalist.
0825 - Country & Western song.
0853 - ID as "Sunrise Radio" and into Credance Clearwater Revival.
0855 - Email address given. (A bit too fast.)
0902 - The Rolling Stones, Dance Little Sister. (Or a remake)
0906 - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Bird (Live - "What song is it you want to hear?")
0931 - I'm tired of listening to high noise levels. I'm checking out for now.

SINPO 55445 on an SDR in Denmark this morning.


SINPO 55545 on an SDR in Denmark.

Excellent signal into the Washington. D.C. area.
0205 - long dead air pause
0207 - techno/dance.

Listening on an SDR in the US mid-Atlantic. SINPO 55455. Strong signal.

0151 - Explanation of being a retired radio engineer. ID. Can't find old vinyl on yard sales.
0228 - Jimmi Hendrix, Purple Haze.
0233 - Prepping for SSTV at reduced power (-4 dB). Implied that that might sign off after the SSTV.
0250 - Still dead air, assume he did sign off.

0140 - C'mon Cripple Creek.
0144 - ID. "Drunken DJ Radio". Acknowledged Bandarr and IZS4.
0147 - SSTV.

There are many indications that they broadcast from the area of Crimea or Donbass, but not from the area of Moscow. This is not a Ukrainian station.

Kris,  You would know the music content better than me. No argument on what you hear. However, let's just say that the TX is most definitely farther west than the predominately-Russian section of Ukraine and I will leave it at that. There is no need for me to be more specific than that. I feel like I already wrote too much.

Good signal in Sweden. SINPO 34333.

but above 1.7 MHz quite often babble between their own, only in Russian.

Yes, this is what I have heard and am referring to. This is usually between 1700-1800 KHz. Yes, only talk from the Russian stations; no music, ever.

Rock music. SINPO 24222 on an SDR in Norway. Much better reception in Austria.
Slavic vocal music.
1717 - Wipe Out. Switched to an SDR in Sweden. Good reception: 45444.
1720 - Slavic rock song unknown to me.
1735 - Switched to another Swedish SDR.
1748 - Multi-lingual ID and email address repeated multiple times.
1755 - Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire.
1758 - Johnny Cash, I Walk the Line.
1810 to ~1854 - Continuous Johnny Cash songs.
1854 - Commenced a very long period of dead air.
1908 - ID announcements again.

З Новим роком! / С Новым годом!


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