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Huge signal, S9+40 on Twente and S9+10 on an SDR in Norway.

Pop music and announcements in Dutch. ID at 1925 UTC.

My Dutch is just bad enough that I am missing the ID in his announcements. Big signal on Twente and around Europe.

1943 - Alphaville, Big In Japan
1945 - Blondie, The Tide is High
1949 - Dire Straights, Sultans of Swing
1955 - Feargal Sharkey, A Good Heart
2000 - Friction Factory, (Feels Like) Heaven
2003 - Foreigner, Cold As Ice
2044 - TX off the air.

1909 UTC - Talk over music in Dutch and wishing everyone "good evening".
1911 UTC - TX off the air.

Boer is Dutch for "farmer". Funken is an adaptation of the German word Funk, meaning "radio". So the station is "Radio Farmer Radio".  ;D

Beautiful signal on SDRs in Scandinavia that have longwire antennas. (Not so much on the ones with small loops or whips.) This dude has a huge signal.

1837 UTC - ID and mentions of listeners in Sheffield, England, all in Dutch, over Dutch vocal music.
1856 UTC - Acknowledging reports in Scandinavia.
2000 UTC (approximately) - TX off the air.

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Merci, Ray. I don't know why I didn't think of them from the day before.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: New kiwiSDR Update
« on: December 26, 2019, 1801 UTC »
WHOA! I see that now. I swear that was not there earlier today.

I have the frequency as 6261.9 KHz.
Female vocals auf Deutsch for sure at 0752 UTC.
Continuing with the easy listening-type (think of Radio Harmony) schlager-like music in Dutch.

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SDR - Software Defined Radio / New kiwiSDR Update
« on: December 26, 2019, 0745 UTC »
Looks like the rolled out some system updates to kiwiSDR in the last 18 hours recently. I like the possibility of synchronous AM coming but I also really liked the AM Narrow option being readily available though. This is not rolled out to all kiwi nodes, only some right now. I came across this on the OK2KYJ SDR in Czechia.

Do people use DRM that much that it will be on the "front panel" (it has been available under extensions for a while now)?

Utility / UNID 6880 USB 0700 UTC 26 December 2019
« on: December 26, 2019, 0711 UTC »
Counting numerals 1 through 10 over and over again, with ~15 second breaks after about 20 recitations, in Russian or perhaps Ukrainian or Belorussian. Transmission over by 0708 UTC. Heard on an SDR in Austria.

Adverts for local shops in Tenerife between songs.
Then notification that Coast FM is now available on DAB at 0559 UTC.
SkyNews update at 0700, with notice of typhoon hitting The Philippines.
SINPO 23332 on an SDR in Austria.

Presumed. SINPO 34323 on an SDR in Austria at 0655 UTC with slow, deep fades.

Dutch vocals at 1720 UTC. Frequency is 6261.87 KHz. SINPO 34333 on an SDR in Norway.
Program is // live stream here: https://www.piratenteamoverijssel.nl/

Execellent reception in the UK. ID in English at 1022 UTC.
Off the air at 1030.

This is one of those stations that only seems to be listenable in a very geographically limited area; in this case northern England.
Pop/rock music with no announcements.

The listenable geographic area is expanding!

Difficult to copy (muffled and too much reverb) at 1010: "You are listening to King Shortwave."
Closing down announcement at 1048 UTC then actually off at 1049.

"All day. All night. All night. Beautiful music. This is Harmony." at 0843 UTC. SINPO 45344 on an SDR in Austria.

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