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Certainly possible.

The three big centres of MW pirate activity in Europe are The Netherlands, Greece and Russia. (Perhaps Serbia is a fourth.) Greek MW pirates often use a LOT of TX power (as do the Dutch) and have good antennas. Greek pirates congregate between 1610-1750 KHz or so, with the most amount of activity in the 1650-1700 area, especially 1690 KHz in the area of Athens. Most of them will play Greek folk music, interspersed with speech, in sort of a "QSO-style" of operating with other stations. Some will just play Greek music for a few minutes then shut off. Others will just play pop music for a few minutes and then off.

There are periods when the Greeks can be well heard elsewhere in Europe so making it to WNAm seems plausible.

SINPO 33333 on an SDR in Norway at 1630.

Gone when I checked at 1625 UTC.

SINPO 33344 on an SDR in Norway.

1631 - Banana-rama song.
1633 - Shortwave-specific ID with email address.

1630 - Van Halen, Jump. SINPO 43324 with a fair amount of fading on an SDR in Norway.

SINPO 45444 on an SDR in Norway. Exact frequency 6287.37 KHz.

1624 - Brit accent: "Look after yourselves. Take care. Bye for now." Signal report form Dan Robinson using SDRs in Norway and Switzerland. Implied that they would be back on another frequency, I think.
1626 - ".... is now closing down. Bye bye."  TX OFF.

1619 - ID with reverb. SINPO 34333 on an SDR in Norway.
1621 - Reggae song.
1648 - Led Zeppelin, Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You. SINPO 44333 at the moment.
1658 - Rapid fade down in Norway. I can see the carrier on my waterfall but barely.

In my tour of "the usual suspects" this morning, it's time for these folks.

0826 - "Slow down, relax and chill out. Beautiful music on Harmony."

Strong carrier started on 5775 as I write this but off at 0827.

SINPO 55545 on an SDR in Norway.

0810 - Kim Wilde, Kids In America.
0812 - ID and mentions of Sunday morning but obviously recorded as DJ continued with "...in the run up to Christmas."
0812 - Visage, Fade to Grey.

Again, a great signal in Norway at this hour of the morning. SINPO 55455.

They are back on 5140.

SINPO 45544 on an SDR in Norway.

ID at 0807 UTC.

0922 UTC - Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., You Don't Have to be a Star, Baby, To Be In My Show. Lots of rapid fading to the signal. Very up and down. SINPO 24322 on an SDR in Norway.

Weak on an SDR in Norway at 0920 UTC. SINPO 24222.

No quite as strong as Coast FM but still very good reception on an SDR in Norway. SINPO 55545.

Excellent signal on an SDR in Norway. SINPO 54555 with a little SSB interference in the background.
0915 - "More Music Weekend" in the middle of 6 songs in a row.

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